Perfected in our own backyard.
So we can protect yours.

No one wants to think about septic. So we’ve thought about it for you. Beginning with our own property, we’ve created a septic treatment system that performs, adapts, lasts and protects. > LET’S GET STARTED
LooLoop System animated diagram


LooLoop offers groundbreaking performance because it was created and tested in real-world conditions, not a lab. Adaptable to any existing septic system, LooLoop meets and exceeds the most stringent local standards of treatment, for a lower cost, minimal maintenance and maximum peace of mind.

LooLoop reduces primary wastewater pollutants by 95%.

Form Plus

We’ve spent years making sure that our
signature BioFilter Cabinet not only looks
great in its standard form, but is fully
customizable to any design aesthetic.
Explore options that match your architecture
and landscape, in a range of colors, textures
and patterns that blend in or stand out: it’s
up to you. Your BioFilter Cabinet is shipped
prefabricated and ready-to-go, making
installation a breeze, and protecting your
investment a beautiful thing.

In 2020, Fish Creek and Flat Creek were added to the WY Department of Environmental Quality’s list of impaired waterways.

Nutrient pollution is at your doorstep.


Our flagship LooLoop system adapts to almost any single-family home, and the fundamental treatment process easily scales. By sequencing or expanding, the modular BioFilter Cabinets adapt to meet a wide range of residential and commercial wastewater treatment specifications. While your community’s wastewater challenges may seem impossible, we offer simple, efficient, cost-effective answers.


Trained and certified, our expert installers make a simple, smart solution even easier to implement. Tell us more, and we’ll connect you with the right professional.

Easy operation and maintenance.

For your convenience: the Owner’s Guide, Installation Manual, Operation & Maintenance Manual, and Troubleshooting Manual.