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General FAQs

A septic system treats wastewater and is usually located on a residential property. The septic system consists of a tank and a drain field. The tank is where solids are settled and bacteria feeds on organic matter. The partially treated fluid then flows into the drain field, also called a leach field, where fluid is filtered through the soil and mingles with groundwater.
Your onsite wastewater treatment system is instrumental in protecting your environment, your property and your loved ones – and in meeting local regulations. The science of SOSystems delivers simple, smart, lasting solutions. Contact us today to learn more.
Innovative or Advanced treatment systems are onsite wastewater treatment systems certified to remove pollutants, specifically nitrogen, to a level mandated by regulatory bodies.
The cost of LooLoop® is dependent on your specific situation, as well as local component costs. Are you replacing or retrofitting your current system? Do you want LooLoop® installed during new construction? Contact us today to learn more and begin protecting your investment with the best onsite wastewater treatment system for your property.
LooLoop® has been rigorously tested in the field as well as in laboratory settings, and we outperformed the standard requirements during NSF 40 and NSF 245 certification. Your system will be seamlessly installed and maintained by certified professionals, and we stand behind its performance. SOSystems continues to innovate and update, and has partnered with the Center for Clean Water Technology at Stony Brook University to provide the best in wastewater treatment.

Residential FAQs

Looloop® is modular and scalable to meet your needs, no matter how large. That being said, the standard systems is rated by NSF to treat 500 gallons per day (which is the typical requirement for a 3-bedroom house). Learn more about the solutions LooLoop® offers your home and property today.
The BioFilter Cabinet® can be placed anywhere you choose. Ideally, the Cabinet sits in a location that allows the fluid to flow by gravity back into the tank. However, LooLoop® is customizable to your specific needs.
LooLoop is designed to be adaptable. The BioFilter Cabinet® -- the cornerstone of the LooLoop® system – can be placed almost anywhere on your property, including the outer edges, directly adjacent to your house, or even inside. Our engineers will work with you and your architect to pinpoint the perfect spot.
We offer several stylish options for the exterior. However, you can also customize your BioFilter Cabinet to complement your property’s aesthetic values. Download the guide for exterior customizations from our documents library, or contact us for more information.
If your system is struggling, LooLoop® is a great option to retrofit an underperforming septic system. If your system has failed (if you are seeing sewage above the ground), please contact your local health department promptly. Contact us to start the conversation today.
Every septic system will need to be replaced eventually, no matter how well designed and maintained. While LooLoop® is a great option for retrofitting existing systems, some or all of the components may need to be replaced if your system is very old. Please contact us to start the conversation today.
Information about your current system can be found in the property plans. If you don't have these on hand, contact your local government office that oversees tax or property records, such as the assessor’s office, to find out more.
Congratulations on choosing the best in advanced septic treatment. Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, let’s talk today.

Community FAQs

While determining the performance of your community’s septic systems can be difficult, there are some telltale signs of underperforming systems. Obvious indications include backed-up plumbing, standing water in yards or bad odors. But symptoms of poorly functioning septic systems can extend further than your backyard. The nutrient overloading caused by poorly performing systems can lead to water pollution that takes a toll on surrounding water bodies. If nearby waterways have issues with algal blooms or “dead zones,” it is likely that human waste is a major factor. Drinking water may also contain more nitrogen, which is dangerous to consume in even modest quantities.
Feel free to share our website with your community. Increased participation makes your positive environmental impact even greater. If you are interested in partnering with SOSystems to bring high-quality wastewater treatment to your neighborhood, let’s talk.
SOSystems is excited to work with you to apply grant funding to the purchase of your new LooLoop®. Contact us or reach out to your local regulator to see if you qualify.
As pioneers in wastewater management, we aim to introduce the science and results of SOSystems to new regions. We will happily work with you to make sure your property is protected. Please contact us to start the conversation.

Technical FAQs

The BioFilter Cabinet® is constructed of commercially available materials. This makes upkeep affordable, and simplifies repairs in the unlikely event that the system need them. The Cabinet ships ready for installation, and the rest of the system can be sourced locally, making the process easy and cost effective for you.
In most cases, the only electrical components are the control panel and a small, standard septic pump. The standard LooLoop® system will use an average of 370 kilowatt hours per month.
In the case of power outage, the Loop will drain any residual fluid below ground, and your septic system will function safely until power is regained. As soon as the system regains power, LooLoop® will pick up right where it left off.
The BioFilter Cabinet® has an insulation value of R26, and it can withstand temperatures of -30ºF for a week straight.
LooLoop® can be installed without existing septic. We will work with you to design a full LooLoop® system that meets your unique needs.
The odor associated with a properly functioning system is minimal. LooLoop system has been tested and certified by NSF under Standard 40 criteria, including operational odor. In most cases, the LooLoop® will have less, and less offensive, odor than a conventional septic system.
The only sound associated with LooLoop® is the sound of fluid spraying into the BioFilter Cabinet. It is only audible while the pump is running and is similar to the sound of a faucet.
The system employs two tanks for maximum performance and minimal effort. The first tank acts as a settling tank to remove solids. The second, or LooLoop® tank, is part of the recirculating system. Much of the denitrification occurs in the LooLoop® tank. If you are interested in a smaller system, please contact us to discuss options for size customization.
If you own a LooLoop® system already, you probably have a maintenance contract. The contact should be listed in your contract. Feel free to contact us for help getting in touch with a professional near you.