Environmental Bulletins

Take a look at how SOS, local governments, environmental leaders and property owners around the country are partnering to protect investments, natural resources and public health from pollution caused by residential wastewater. Let’s talk about the issues plaguing your area and how we can help.

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A hiker admires the view of the Snake River and Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Snake River: America’s #1 Most Endangered River

The Snake River has been listed as America’s #1 Endangered River of 2021. At the headwaters of the Snake, nearly 30% of Teton County residents rely on drinking water that violates EPA standards. It’s time for community action.

Jackson Hole’s Drinking Water Report Card

The Teton Conservation District recently published a report detailing drinking water quality throughout the County. Their user-friendly report features maps showing concentrations of contaminants throughout Jackson Hole.

An Ounce of Prevention….

As a public health crisis crisis unfolds in Hoback, environmental leaders call on the Teton Health District to prevent future drinking water woes, implement monitoring and early warning system.

Warning: Impaired Waterway

Teton Board of Health votes to install signs warning against recreation on Fish Creek and Flat Creek. E. coli levels have increased along with the population, and could pose a risk to those spending time in the streams.

Florida’s Growing Septic Problem

The symptoms of Florida’s septic problem are piling up, and the state is feeling the impact throughout daily life. The problem is putting public health, environmental stability, and the state’s economy at risk. The time to act is now.

or this Teton Streams Bring Septic Conversation to the Surface

As the buzz around Jackson Hole grows, so does the pressure on formerly pristine natural wonders. The EPA recognizes the recent pollution of the valley’s stream systems, and conversations about the issue are growing. Fingers are pointing towards human wastewater, and septic is at the center of the problem. SOSystems has a solution.

Algal Bloom off the coast of Florida Harmful Algal Blooms Sweeping the Nation

HABs have been growing in frequency across the country in recent years. Increased nutrient overloading and rising temperatures create prime settings for algae to flourish, and the result can be devastating. Impacting in environment, human health, and local economies, HABs are a force to be reckoned with.

The map highlights areas of Long Island affected by Harmful Algal Blooms in the summer of 2016. Lawmakers in the region are working to solve the worsening issue by addressing the source of nutrient overloading- septic systems. Long Islanders Take Aim at Nitrogen Pollution

Nutrient pollution from residential wastewater is threatening the environment and public health in Long Island, but local officials are taking action. Their plan to replace over 350,000 antiquated septic systems will ensure the longevity of the island communities and natural habitats. SOSystems is poised to work alongside residents to ensure a cleaner future for Long Island.