Teton Board of Health votes to install signs warning against recreation on Fish Creek and Flat Creek. E. coli levels have increased along with the population, and could pose a risk to those spending time in the streams.

Environmental Bulletin

Warning: Impaired Waterway

The Teton District Board of Health has taken action to place warning signs on Fish Creek and Flat Creek warning of elevated levels of E. coli. The signage will be placed at popular swimming holes and access points used by float tubers to state that the streams are “Public Advisory Impaired Waterways” and urge against recreation in the area. These streams are popular during the summer months, as people try to beat the heat and relax by enjoying some time on the river. E. coli poses a risk to humans coming in contact with the water, as water containing the pathogen can easily be ingested unintentionally. The pathogen poses a risk to swimmers, float tubers, and fishermen alike.

A father and son enjoy a sunset float down the river on their tubes.

In Teton County, locals and tourists alike revel in the pristine wilderness, beautiful vistas, and unrivaled recreational opportunities, many of which are centered around the region’s immaculate waterways. But recently, the fragile water systems are coming under threat due to increased pressure from human activity. This issue has likely been exacerbated during the COVID pandemic, as many flocked to the region to avoid high density urban centers and to take advantage of the outdoor fun to be had, while following social distancing guidelines. With more people than ever spending time in their homes in Jackson, their septic systems are working hard to keep up. Typical septic systems don’t do much to reduce harmful constituents such as nitrogen, suspended solids, E. Coli, and other pathogens from residential wastewater.

LooLoop an advanced treatment septic system, can help relieve the pressure on these local watersheds. By adding a Looloop to your septic system, you can reduce the harmful inputs from your septic system by 80-95%. LooLoop can be adapted to your current system, or installed with new construction.

If you value the immaculate environment in Jackson Hole, especially if you spend time in or on the beautiful waterways, do your part to protect this beautiful spot. Contact us to find out how you can start making your impact positive today!

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