As a public health crisis crisis unfolds in Hoback, environmental leaders call on the Teton Health District to prevent future drinking water woes.

Environmental Bulletin

An Ounce of Prevention….

Hoback, Wyoming has been the site of septic woes and drinking water worries for years, as failing septic systems plague the community, threatening public health.

Hoback has been cited in a call to action to prevent nitrate pollution endangering public health in Teton County. The Teton Heath District has proposed a rule to closely monitor public water resources for high nitrate concentrations and establish an early warning system to prevent repeating the public health crisis occurring in Hoback. Dan Heilig and Dan Leemon, leaders of the Wyoming Outdoor Count and Protect Our Water Jackson Hole, respectively, proclaimed clean drinking water and sanitation a human fundamental right in an open letter to their organizations’ board members. Their proposal goes beyond the EPA’s regulations by required public notice when nitrate concentrations rise above 3mg/l.

Hoback has been in the spotlight recently for a combination of failing septic systems and polluted drinking water; issues that are closely related. Nitrates are present in human waste, and poorly functioning septic systems allow this compound, along with other pollutants, to permeate into groundwater from the leaching system. Where there is a dense population relying on septic, or where the soils are highly permeable, contaminants such as nitrates can be quickly introduced to the water table and end up in aquifers and surface waters. This issue is growing in Jackson Hole, as more homes are built along beautiful, iconic mountain streams.

While this is an important step to protect drinking water and public health, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” More robust wastewater treatment can drastically reduce the number of harmful constituents that end up in local water systems. LooLoop, our advanced onsite septic system, is specifically designed to remove harmful elements from wastewater before it ever enters the ground, eliminating this crisis before it starts. The patented LooLoop can remove over 80% of nitrogen from your wastewater system, protecting your community and family from this dangerous situation. Prevention works best when everyone participates. We at SOSystems would be happy to present to your neighbors, your HOA, or your social bubble.

Join us to help keep Jackson Hole healthy and pristine!


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