Our Science

Nutrient pollution is one of America’s most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems.

Chesapeake Bay coastline

In 2006, our founder George Frigon, a veteran wastewater engineer in Easton, Maryland, saw for himself the threat to our natural resources. He decided to address the problem facing the Chesapeake Bay; human-driven nutrient overloading was negatively impacting the fragile estuary’s ecosystem. Frigon committed to finding a solution to his region’s looming disaster. He started with the septic system in his own backyard. With ultimate simplicity the goal, Frigon designed his technology to transform performance, protect properties and the environment – and adapt to virtually any existing or new septic plans.

LooLoop Is Simple

LooLoop® utilizes a suite of complimentary biological processes, which work in concert to achieve maximum pollutant reduction. Since the system relies on biology, the mechanics are simple and durable, built to last for decades. As Frigon says, “LooLoop’s simplicity is the key to resiliency. The more moving parts a system has, the more likely it is to fail.” So he built LooLoop with only one mechanical component – the pump.

LooLoop Is Proven

For seven years, Frigon painstakingly refined and optimized his innovation in real-world scenarios around the Bay. The LooLoop technology, with our groundbreaking BioFilter Cabinet, was then rigorously tested in laboratories across the nation to not just meet, but exceed, local and national standards. Durable, scalable, modular and highly adaptable: no wonder property owners trust the performance of LooLoop technology.


After LooLoop was perfected on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, SOSystems adapted our technology for deployment in the harsh winter conditions of Jackson Hole. We preserved the process that makes LooLoop great, and added insulation and heat. The BioFilter Cabinet is designed to perform at its best to protect your property and the Valley.

LooLoop Is just the beginning

SOSystems® is committed to meeting your community’s specific needs, from climate to landscaping, from single residence to multiple homes on a larger scale. To stay ahead of the course, SOSystems aligns with local organizations to identify and mitigate local problems. Wherever you are, the best solutions in onsite wastewater treatment are here.

LooLoop offers maximum reduction of wastewater pollutants.





13 mg/L





Results compiled from internal testing and verified NSF certification reports.
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