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Photo of George Frigon

George Frigon

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer
George is the inventor of the LooLoop system and a co-founder of SOSystems. George developed the first LooLoop prototype to solve his own home’s issue with chronically failing wastewater treatment. After experiencing the performance of the LooLoop system firsthand for years, George founded SOSystems to share the benefits of his innovation with communities nationwide. George has worked in the wastewater treatment industry for over 50 year. His track record of excellence in designing and operating a full spectrum of system designs and flow capacities is legendary. His mind and commitment are the genesis of systems that have provided superior treatment for local municipalities, sustainable developments, and industrial facilities for clients like Colgate-Palmolive, IBM, Seagate, and many others. As Chief Technical Officer, George harnesses decades of industry experience for SOSystems, and he continues to expand his knowledge base through his independent wastewater consulting practice.